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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Nine years after London Games, Canada’s Drouin formally enhanced to Olympic Silver-medal

Key points: 

  • Derek Drouin’s medal was enhanced from the London Olympics. 
  • It is a great indication of anti-doping measures in sport. 

Derek Drouin’s wins a silver medal for his country: 

The Olympic champion’s thoughts after Friday’s news immediately went to the currently minted gold medalists, including Erik Kynard of the US in his fest, whose opportunities to stand atop the podium was looted. 

Nine years after triumphant high jump bronze at the 2012 London Olympics, Drouin’s medal was formally enhanced to Silver on Friday as the IOC rubber-stamped disqualification in some sports. 

“It’s good to see these steps being taken to maintain the integrity of the Olympic Games which show that there is no spot for doping in sport,” Drouin stated Friday.

“I am just pained for the athletes who were denied the opportunity to listen to their national anthem while standing on top of the podium, as well as the athletes who will now be awarded their Olympic medal in the mail rather than having the medal ceremony experience they always dreamt of.” Source –

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Drouin, a 31-year-old Canadian from Corunna Ont., went to triumph a gold medal at the 2015 world championship and 2016 Rio Olympics. 

Ivon Ukhov originally won a gold medal in London but was one of 12 Russian track and stadium athletes who were found blameworthy in Feb of 2019 of state-backed disabling. 

Men’s high jump was one of five events in track and field, canoeing and wrestling at the 2012 Olympics that said consequences rewritten Friday as part of the International Olympics Committee’s administrative board meeting. The IOC rubber-stamped the outcomes that had to first be modified by the International Federations involved. 

Kynard was bounced up to high jump gold, while Drouin, Mutaz Essa of Qatar, and Britain’s Robert Grabarz, who would initially be closed in a three-way tie for third, now share silver. 

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