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Omicron cases skyrocketing as Alberta registers 1,925 fresh cases of COVID-19


Key takeaways: 

  • 872 fresh Omicron cases counted to the region’s sum.
  • Alberta reported 1,925 new cases of COVID-19 Monday, combining case numbers from three days over the weekend. 

Alberta reporting fresh cases of covid, Omicron soaring high: 

Actual cases of the Omicron variant have noticed severe growth as Alberta unleashed its COVID-19 data from the previous three days.

Omicron cases currently count 1,045, an addition of 879 from Friday’s update. 

Almost half of the cases, 613, are found in the Calgary health area.

Overall, the region recalled 1,925 fresh cases of COVID-19 in tests done from Friday to Sunday:

  • Dec. 17: 627 recent cases (10,063 tests, 6.39 per cent positivity)
  • Dec. 18: 721 recent cases (8,710 tests, 8.34 per cent positivity)
  • Dec. 19: 577 recent cases (6,504 tests, 8.8 per cent positivity) Source –

Both the average number of fresh everyday cases and the positivity rate have been trending upward in current days, with the last two days witnessing the most elevated test-positivity rate since October.

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The region also registered six fresh COVID-19 connected deaths, getting the regional tally to 3,292 since the pandemic started.

Active cases of COVID-19 noticed a prominent leap from Friday, up by 1,221. There are now 5,652 dynamic cases in Alberta. 

Here’s how they break down regionally:

  • Calgary area: 2,924
  • Edmonton area: 1,630
  • Central area: 492
  • North area: 380
  • South area: 212
  • Unknown: 14 Source –

COVID-19-related hospitalizations decreased by 20 since Friday’s update. 

There are currently 324 individuals in hospital with the infection, including 69 in ICU.

As of Monday’s update, about 72.5 per cent of Albertans are deemed completely vaccinated against COVID-19 and 649,557 extra doses of vaccine (third doses) have been helped.  

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