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Quilters are sensing the pinch as the price of a batting skyrockets 


Key takeaways: 

  • The group that makes bedcovers for non-profit WIN House works to hold up output.
  • Since 2019, the cost of quilt batting has hit up by 30 percent.

Batting prices ascend by 30%: 

When installing under a quilt on a cold winter evening, you’re probably not thinking about the fabric inside.

Quilt batting is the smooth layer of fibers that adds body and heat to your quilt, usually set in between the quilt top and the backing. 

But in the previous two years, the price of batting has gone up by almost 30 percent. That has left a regional volunteer sewing group stumbling to keep up their typical output.

The group, which works out of Central Sewing Machine on Argyll Road in south Edmonton, stitches hundreds of things for WIN House — a shelter for females and kids fleeing domestic abuse. 

The group produces pajamas, pillowcases, robes, bags, and up to 300 bedcovers a year, all given to households looking to begin over.

Volunteer Colette Martin said te quilts are evolving increasingly expensive to produce.

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Batting prices skyrocket

“One of our highest costs right now is the batting that we use,” Martin stated.

“Each quilt uses about 2½ meters, and we’re only in the process of purchasing a new batch, and the costs have gone up very drastically.”

Martin said now they are spending up to $4.50/meter, up from $2.45 in 2019.

“We have been managing our pennies,” she said. “We have attempted raising budgets wherever we could. And even that is a problem because there are no more casinos; there’s no more anything from which we could get a grant.

“So it’s tight; it’s a shoestring, a mere delicate shoestring that we work on.”

Cochrane, Alta.-based Maple Leaf Quilting Company markets quilting tools nationally and wholesale batting.

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