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Monday, December 4, 2023

Russian arms trials caused debris now menacing space station, US states

Key takeaways: 

  • Debris will raise an ‘ongoing hazard’ for years to approach. 
  • Russian tests their weapons on their won satellite. 

Russia tests weapons on Monday: 

A space missile launched by Russia into one of its satellites in an arms trial on Monday produced an orbital debris area that risked the international Space Station and will rase an ongoing hazard “for years to come,” US authorities stated. 

The seven-member space station staff, four American astronauts, An astronaut from Germany and two cosmonauts from Russia were directed to seek shelter in their docked spacecraft capsules for 120 minutes after the trial as a defence, granting for a rapid gateway had it been obligatory, NASA stated. 

The research lab, circling about 202 kilometres overhead Earth, resuming to pass between or close to the debris cluster every one and half hours, but NASA experts determined it was guarded for the staff to return to the station’s interior after the third pass, the service stated. 

The staff was also instructed to clinch off hatches to various modules of the space station for now, according to NASA. 

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“NASA will pursue monitoring the debris in the upcoming days and beyond to guarantee the safety of our staff in orbit,” NASA chief Bill Nelson said in a statement. Source –

Professional states the trailing of arms that smash satellites in orbit poses a hazard by producing threats of pieces that can hit with other things, setting off a series reaction of missiles through Earth orbit. 

Doznes of fragments: 

The Russian forces and ministry of defence were not instantly obtainable for comment. 

The direct-scent anti-projectile missile launched by Russia produced more than 1,500 fragments of “trackable orbital debris” and would probably spawn dozens of thousands of shorter pieces, The US Space Command stated in a statement.  Source –

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