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Friday, September 29, 2023

Senior’s cancer operation revoked during 4th wave

Cancer surgery

Key takeaways: 

  • ‘Individuals all over this region need life-saving care and surgeries and they’re not getting it.’
  • Anne LeBlanc, 76, is fighting liver cancer.
  • Her child states her mum is optimistic and persistent.

Operations of senior cancer patients cancelled because of the 4th wave: 

In August, an MRI showed the cancerous tumour on Anne LeBlanc’s liver had been replaced. 

On Oct. 5, the 76-year-old was in an Edmonton clinic for operation. The IV was inserted and she was wheeled on a gurney toward the operational space.

At the gates to the OR, a nurse ran up to LeBlanc apologizing profusely as she described her the operation had just been revoked.

“This of course was due to not having a bed in ICU because at the time all the ICU beds were taken up by COVID patients,” Suzanne Marney, LeBlanc’s daughter, informed the media Thursday. Source –

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Senior cancer patient’s surgery cancelled due to the 4th wave

Her mom was ensured she was a high-priority issue and that she would be contacted to reschedule as shortly as a bed was open, Marney told. 

The buzz never reached. 

On Thursday, LeBlanc had a meeting with an oncologist at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. He had glimpsed at the MRI taken several days before the planned surgery in October which revealed numerous tumours on her liver.

“The doctor told her that her disease had progressed too far and there was nothing they could do,” Marney stated. “The doctor suggested she just go home and enjoy the remaining time that she has, which is at this point they’re saying three to six months.” Source –

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