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Several provincial post offices close following the Canada Post vaccine order

Key takeaways: 

  • Various provincial regions dealing with staffing problems, unions state.
  • Canada Post’s two biggest unions have challenged the vaccine order, fighting rapid-testing should be proposed as an option. 

Post offices shut down due to vaccine mandate order: 

Mayor Gary Rycroft has been in Beaverlodge, Alta., for almost 60 years. He remembers only one time when the local post office shut. It closed down for half a day after it was stolen decades ago.

But when he went to the public hub on Monday, nobody was there filing or giving the mail.

“There was no warning; there was no notice on the walls about what was going on,” Rycroft stated. Source –

In the little northern city 40 kilometres west of Grande Prairie, citizens bother about getting cheques and packages required for small businesses.

Beaverlodge is one of many provincial Albertan communities to see its post office close or go on decreased hours following Canada Post’s vaccination deadline the previous week. 

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Workers over Canada opposed to being vaccinated were set to be put on outstanding leave — as was the case with five employees at Beaverlodge, according to the Alberta president of the Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association.

“Canada Post has been working hard to try and fill positions with other members, but all of our offices are running short-staffed for this time of year,” Xan Moffatt-Toews in an email to the media. Source –

Ten offices were shut over Alberta on Monday, Moffat-Toews stated. That was forward to seven Tuesday as far as she is informed. 

Most of the closings were in northern Alberta with several in the central province, she stated.

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