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Monday, December 4, 2023

Severe cold alerts declared as bitter temperatures grab Alberta


Key takeaways: 

  • Wind cold will make the atmosphere sense like it’s tighter to -45 C.
  • Time to squat down. 
  • Residents across Alberta are engaging with a hard freezing prediction. 

Icy temperatures in Alberta: 

Furnaces rambled and freezing truck engines blocked to life across the region Friday as Albertans awoke to another hard chilly morning. 

While there is solace in sight, much of Alberta stays in a deep freeze. 

Severe cold alerts from Environment Canada stay in result in communities across the northern half of the region, following daylights of bitter temperatures. 

According to the agency, severe current chill values will persist to impact most of central and northern Alberta Friday morning. 

The biting chill will make the atmosphere sense like it’s between -40 C and -45 C. And Environment Canada is cautioning that individuals revealed to the details could produce frostbite in minutes.

“Severe cold puts everyone at stake,” the agency states.  Source –

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Alberta under severe cold alerts

“Dress warmly. Dress in layers that you can pull if you get too warm.”  Source –

In Edmonton, the temperature will flow around -19 C on Friday but the current will make it sense like it’s -40 C this morning and -26 C this afternoon. 

The city has started its severe climate plan, extending emergency shelter space for individuals undergoing homelessness and depending on city buses to shuttle people to the areas as required. 

On Friday, multiple schools districts in encompassing communities determined it was too cold for kids to wait for the bus. 

Further north, the freezing attack has been more intense. 

In Fort McMurray, the light will be glowing but Friday is only anticipated to get a high of -25 C with a current chill of -40 C Friday morning and -33 C by the afternoon.

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