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Monday, January 17, 2022

Sports organisations demand the council to recommence grant program

Key takeaways: 

  • Sport is a ‘vital part of physical, mental and personality development.’
  • The Council is demanded to support an extension of $41 million to begin developing the Coronation Park Sports and Recreation Centre, still in the prototype stage.

Sports groups demand the Council: 

Around 50 people asked the Edmonton city council Monday before of thoughts this week on next year’s running and capital budgets. 

Many speakers asked the council to resume a $3.7 million community-investment working grant for social service, sport and recreation non-profits giving a variety of programs. 

Funding for the grant program is presently not involved in the offered 1.8 per cent tax hike for the 2022 budget. 

Sheldon Oleksyn, executive director of Sports Central, told they use the grant to give kids from lower-income families tools and gear in 15 various sports. 

Sports Central manages approximately $16,500 from the plan to aid 236 children a year, Oleksyn stated.

Sport is a “necessary part of physical, mental and character development,” he stated.  Source –

“I’ve never heard so many parents and people talk about the importance of sport for mental health for their kids as I have in the last year,” Oleksyn stated.  Source –

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Coun. Aaron Paquette spoke to community members he has learned from support continuing the plan. 

“They feel that this should not be a program that’s on life support, it should be something that’s embedded in the way that we do things,” Paquette stated.  Source –

Tim Adams, with Free Play for Kids, couldn’t allow more — saying one of the greatest challenges for non-profits is remaining from grant to grant. 

Coronation question

Another advocate asked the council to support a proposed budget boost of $41 million for the Coronation Park Sports and Recreation Centre. 

The extension is required to begin constructing the facility — designed to add an indoor cycling track, fitness centre, multipurpose rooms and a child play space — at an expected value of $153 million, up from the prior valuation of $112 million.

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