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Thursday, January 27, 2022

The city of Edmonton expects to evade winter trash problems

Key takeaways: 

  • Snow and freezing can create difficulty for citizens and waste collectors. 
  • City of Edmonton education program supervisor Erika Droessler proposes tips for maintaining trash carts in the winter.

Edmonton looking for managing garbage in winter: 

With the return of cold, wintry weather, and the winter vacations just about the corner, the City of Edmonton is proposing tips to citizens to aid maintain their trash.

This is the first winter Edmontonians will be utilising the latest garbage cart system, and colder temperatures and snowfall could induce problems for citizens and city waste collectors.

“We want to make sure that cart is easy to walk around and at least a metre away from other obstacles,” education program supervisor Erika Droessler explained at a press conference Thursday. “Please make sure that you don’t put your cart behind or on top of a pile of snow.” Source –

Carts should be on flat ground or compacted snow and away from downspouts or outflow pipes where they could ice to the ground.

Food trash carts come with even more difficulties through the winter.

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“It’s very normal for food scraps to freeze inside the food scrap carts,” Droessler described. “We have a few best practices that can prevent a lot of freezing.” Source –

The city recommends putting the carts outdoors as the liquid can blend in the base when indoors and ice when moved outdoor.

Other suggestions include filtering the liquid from watery organics, pre-freezing organics before putting them in the cart and utilising certified compostable sacks.

If organic waste ices in the bin, the city suggests utilising a swab handle or spade to release the items.

Droessler told almost 250,000 houses are now on the latest system, which started going out in March.

“The cart rollout has gone fairly well and that is in large part thanks to the efforts of Edmontonians,” she stated. Source –

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