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Friday, September 29, 2023

Trucking firm fined $24K, driver charges remained in a collision that killed Edmonton-lady


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘We don’t feel like that is moving to make any dent in changing this for the next family.’
  • Meghan Weis left back a spouse and two kids.

A truck crash kills an Edmonton woman: 

An Alberta trucking firm has been fined $24,000 in the demise of a provincial teacher.

Meghan Weis, 36, was a French immersion teacher who taught at Our Lady of the Prairies elemental school. She was on her route to perform in October the previous year when a dolly detached from a semi-truck, colliding into her minivan.

She was enunciated deceased on the scene.

In April, Edmonton police applied non-criminal traffic safety violation accusations against the 66-year-old driver, including a loss to design a trip review report.

Those orders were paused the previous month, leaving the family of the dead in shock.

“We try to tell children all the time that acts have impacts and for this gentleman, the reality is that his actions that day did not have consequences,” sister-in-law Kara Weis stated. Source –

“And it’s not setting a very good precedent for other truck drivers.” Source –

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Edmonton lady killed after truck collision

$24K gridlock fine

On Dec. 10, Rene Transport was fined for failing to keep equipment safety techniques in fine working order.

Commercial vehicle protection law violations connecting to poor strength for weight towed and providing a close-secured camper trap latch were removed.

Weis stated for a corporation of that size, she believes the $24,000 fine is “pennies.” She considers penalties ought to be more powerful to make a distinction.  Source –

“We don’t feel like that is going to make any dent in changing this for the next family.” Source –

After the blow of the court procedure, the family even expects Meghan Weis’ demise can catalyze change within the enterprise.

They are reaching for more rigorous and frequent security checks to be executed as regional standards and more extreme results for their loss.

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