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Worries continue as a warming shelter uncloses around a homeless centre


Key takeaways: 

  • The camp began in August after the City of Wetaskiwin caused the shutdown of its sole homeless shelter.
  • A homeless encampment was put up in Wetaskiwin, Alta.

Warming shelters uncloses near a homeless camp in central Alberta: 

A tent lies blown on a bank of soot where a fire torched down part of a homeless encampment in a central Alberta city.

Marsha Louis, who lives in one of the remaining tents kept up by bits of wood and wrapped in tarps, states the sole thing that persisted in the blaze was a ceramic angel.

The winged ornament poses on top of wooden boxes that work as a wind barrier. Louis names it their guardian angel.

“It looks over us.” Source –

As the sun fades above the horizon on a chilly December night, Louis states it’s a battle to keep warm in Wetaskiwin’s “tent city.” Frosty rain has also shifted the zone into a frost rink.

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Worries as warming shelter opens near Alberta’s homeless camp

Nearly 25 individuals presently live at the camp in Wetaskiwin, southeast of Edmonton.

Over a snow-covered field to the camp’s northeast, a warming shelter was newly unlocked. Provisional campers sleep up to 25. While several are utilising the latest space, others like Louis are deciding to remain in the camp.

“They told us to go over there, but my friend’s in a wheelchair and my common-law partner can’t walk. They have no ramp for a wheelchair,” states Louis. “I’d rather stay here… I just worry about the other people around.” Source –

The camp sprang up in August after the city caused the shutdown of its solely homeless shelter. It forced consumers to a city-owned plot of land after a Walmart.

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