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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Patient satisfaction is Dr. Rahal’s motivation to keep going, and he shares tips for creating the highest possible benchmark for any business venture

Dr. William J Rahal, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon that is his own driving force behind his career.

Dr. William J Rahal was born on October 20, 1981, in Staten Island and grew up between the city and New Jersey. Dr. Rahal knew being a cosmetic plastic surgeon was his calling from a young age. His most satisfying moments are when patients come around and mention that their lives have changed for the better, and that their confidence spiked after the surgery. The most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur is the development and growth from ideas into actualization. The thoughts people deemed crazy are usually the idea’s he runs with. He is good at spotting talent, and that’s how he built his team, and he wants to take his team and practice to greater heights over the next five years.  

Dr. Rahal has made a mark as a successful entrepreneur who shares some secret mantras to go ahead and make it big in your career. Here are some tips for setting a precedent in any field, or cosmetic surgery –  

Self-belief: He says that to succeed, one needs to keep going and keep believing in yourself. There should be no stopping, no matter what. 

Stay focused: Never deviate from your goals, work hard, and success will be yours. 

Devote time for yourself: Every entrepreneur needs time to think afresh and be creative. It’s essential to dedicate some time to yourself to give your best. 

Never say quit: The best way to handle adversity and doubt is never quit. The only people who fail are those who quit.

Dr. Rahal strongly feels that one needs to build a strong brand based on principles, service and the values added for patients or customers. This helps to overcome challenges while following the vision of your company, despite the competition. Taking failures in your stride and learning from them is part of your journey to success.

“The greatest success is when people around you become successful through your actions, and you add value to your patient’s lives. You can accomplish your goals through hard work and dedication,” concludes Dr. Rahal.

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