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Friday, September 29, 2023

“Thanks to the Incompetence of the So-Called Encrypted Phones, We could Nab Crime Groups,” quote Belgium Police

Belgium Police decrypted Xrypt phones that claimed to be highly encrypted and made raids to arrest the criminals.

Over the years, we have read about umpteen numbers of cases across the world regarding crime and have also read about the heroic stories of the police nabbing them down and solving the case to uphold the pride of their respective countries. Belgium police have yet again done that, and this time, it is about catching criminal activities of criminal groups that were using encrypted phones to carry out their illegal crime dealings. The crime lords slept quietly, thinking their phone company had their communications safe, but luckily the encryption that they claimed was not competent enough for the police not to crack them. Hence, now the case has attained more limelight, where the Belgium police have already arrested 23.

Deadly Belgium attack called terrorist murder, 4th victim found | Las Vegas  Review-Journal

It was said that Xrypt phones were impossible to track, decode or decrypt, but as soon as the Belgium police learned about illegal activities through communications on the phone, they not only could decrypt the Xrypt phones but also hunted down vital information that could help them track down the ones involved and arrest them. There have multiple police raids in Belgium already reported after they were able to decrypt Xrypt’s encrypted phones. The Dutch, Belgian and French police have found gangs after hacking the said phones and have arrested 23 people in the case, as mentioned before. Xrypt was the encrypted phone provider network, which the involved clients and distributors trusted, but the Belgium police stunned everyone when they successfully decrypted them and found how the gang was dominantly involved in possession of drugs, murder & weapons. They followed them through IMEI number & cell phone tower tracking. Also, the Xrypt devices falsely advertised IMEI changing options to its users, which helped the police to catch them in the crime.

The Police have been conducting rapid raids since, and they are on the move for a coordinated investigation similar to the operation that shut down Sky ECC last year. The crypto communication of crime groups was found to smuggle large quantities of cocaine and heroin. Since then, several investigations have been done, and a huge racket is expected to be burst.

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