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Meet the staggering business mogul who sold over $29 million in gross volume of real estate, Julia Wang.

Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is a little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.

Real estate is a lucrative and fulfilling venture and lately, women have been overhauling the whole industry and entrancing it with exceptional work and demeanour. Julia Wang is one of them and a well reputed one at it in this industry. She considers Real estate as a long term investment venture.

The remarkable Houston-based realtor, Julia Wang is a real estate powerhouse. Alum of the University of Texas at Austin, Julia began her master vocation in exhibiting. Julia was consistently ambitious and arduously driven to make progress in the realm of business. Julia’s energy and colossal passion for real estate is the thing that catered to the growth of her empire and made her the absolute most astounding realtor across Texas.

In the wake of closing 2019 with over $29 million in deals, an enthusiastic following of 80k on Instagram and in 2020 setting up her own organization NextGen Real Estate, Julia Wang is surging her mark in the industry and redefining the game. She currently holds a Broker license, the most raised land grant in the domain of Texas and has been a top maker for as long as 5 years. Her very own endeavour NextGen, is a financier that describes the new ordinary of land by utilizing all pieces of advancement, especially on the web and online media channels. Dealing with the sake and interest of her clients, Julia’s organization has bought and sold numerous properties all over Houston.

NextGen utilizes web-based media and internet advertising to become famous in the Real Estate industry. Julia is Texas’ leading real estate agent via online media in light of the fact that her company thoroughly uses automated tools to drive more traffic to her industry. Her advertising and online presence is unsurpassable particularly with the assistance of her almost 90k devotees on Instagram, well known YouTube channel, and blog. Her month to month e-announcement in which she shares market pieces of information, plan tips, and inspirational messages are stuck by clients and real estate agents. An industry thought-pioneer, she is also famous as a trained professional and a broadcast personality.

Julia is the most reliable because of her robust and uncanny designs and methods. Moreover, she is one of only a handful in her industry who has ruled being a real estate professional and influencer. Julia has adroitly used her platform to give generous and efficacious insights about real estate development and structure to young booming entrepreneurs and has profoundly helped many clients.

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