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Putting a Smile on Kids’ faces with his Compelling yet Entertaining Content as a YouTuber is Matthew Rodriguez, aka TapWater

TapWater also stands up to the kids’ bullies in his videos and offers unique storytelling, which he advises other YouTubers to also focus on.

The way a few industries have grown over the years and the kind of development they have shown naturally makes people wonder about the many reasons that might be responsible for their exponential rise. Among the innumerable reasons behind the same, one cannot deny how a few young talents and their skills led to attaining this momentum and success for their respective industries, making the most of the technological advances present in front of them. The world of social media and the digital realm as a whole has changed the scenario for many industries today, and most of the people who we see making a name for themselves in the same are those that made the most of these digital opportunities. This also includes the rising YouTuber and artist influencer from Florida, the US Matthew Rodriguez, aka TapWater.

Realizing his desire to be a YouTuber ever since he was 8, seeing gaming creators take off on YouTube, especially creators like Faze Clan, inspired him in multiple ways to create compelling content. At 13, he created his first video, which gradually earned him more recognition and subscribers over time. Today, he makes awesome Roblox videos that are highly entertaining and filled with positivity, where in many of his videos, he also stands up to the kids’ bullies. His target demographic includes most children from 8 to 14, mainly males and are based in the US, Philippines, and Canada. His video creation is aimed at becoming the favourite YouTuber of kids, who can cheer them up and leave them happy.

TapWater believes that to become a great YouTuber, one must have a great story to tell, no matter in which niche they work in. Telling a good story involves formatting it in a way where the viewers find it interesting to see what is going to happen at the end. Also, he advises that YouTubers must provide little snippets and previews of their videos to create that intrigue in them and keep them highly engaged. However, it is also essential to understand that too little, or too much can also do no good. If YouTubers show too little, audiences may get bored easily, and if shown too much, they may lose the motivation to keep watching the videos more. 

Hence, TapWater (@tapwater) says that YouTubers must always focus on being storytellers with their content, which can easily attract and engage the viewers. 

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