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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Abhishek Agrawal’s journey from being a fashion model to becoming a successful entrepreneur

Abhishek Agrawal. This name, as a successful fashion model, was already doing rounds in brand houses and Tinsel Town. Now, he is making waves as an entrepreneur too. Here’s the low-down on Abhishek’s journey. Let’s delve.

Becoming a famous fashion model in itself is a big achievement but to balance and maintain that with being a successful entrepreneur is an even bigger (and rare) deal. Having said that, Abhishek is managing it rather skillfully. He personifies the idiom of having the best of both worlds.

From the very beginning, Abhishek has been into fitness. Soon, he became a fitness icon. For him, with his deadly (meaning impressive) combo of killer looks and grey matter along with a knack for all things fashion, he was on the way to becoming a superstar in the world of fashion.

He made a landmark entry into the world of fashion. His persona and work started to inspire many aspiring models as well as impressed several big brands which signed him up for various modeling assignments. He has remained a regular face for watch brands and other fashion-centric brands.

Abhishek soon became one of the most sought-after models for several brands. He has collaborated with well-known labels like ASOS and has also been part of a fashion shoot in the prestigious Oxford Circus. His other famous collaborations include working with big brands like BoohooMAN, MVMT, and EKSTER.

After gaining a strong footing in the fashion industry, the next mountain that Abhishek wanted to climb and conquer was business. Having become a successful entrepreneur, Abhishek has proved to the world that sky is the limit for anybody who is dedicated to his purpose and realizes that there is no substitute for hard work. As an entrepreneur his next venture is a merchandise range which, Abhishek claims, is going to positively disrupt the glamour world with its unique style and collection.

Ask Abhishek what advice he’d give to aspiring fashion models and entrepreneurs, he says, “There’s no rocket science to success in any field. It’s like a game. If you simply play by the rules rather than playing foul, you will enjoy the game.”

Last but not least, Abhishek advises aspiring fashion models and entrepreneurs to learn and master the art of impressing the target audience. He credits his success in both the fashion and entrepreneurial worlds to the fact that he always strives to make the life of his customer better.

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