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Sunday, October 24, 2021

An Exclusive interview with Leading Entrepreneur Milad Hatami

Milad Hatami, the young Instagram celebrity, and millionaire believes that life success has a lot to do with how we handle our job and family life effectively.

In his words, ‘I try my hardest to strike a balance between these facets of my life because I believe that life success is ultimately measured by how well work and family life are balanced.’

On His Business Ventures

Growing up as an adult who has become a millionaire, Milad Hatami had to do a lot of hard work to get all of the companies he currently owns, despite his young age. These ventures didn’t start in a day, and all he has built took time and dedication.

From studying to graduating in Computer Science to the point where he owns, manages, and has invested in sectors where his interests lie, such as Foreign Exchange, Entertainment, and other businesses. He learned the value of concentration and realized how time-consuming it is to operate a company, including owning many business projects.

On His Family Life

Milad Hatami is a very family-oriented man despite his demanding business schedule. He understands the core values of family and believes that not only do humans live without ties with other humans; every person has family ties, and the strength of such relationships depends primarily on how invested all the individuals involved are.

He profoundly values family relations as an individual and how family forms a person into something they become in life. The family unit plays a central role in deciding a person’s life trajectory as the first point of socialization.

“I saw how a family makes a person build a beautiful life, which significantly influences my investment in family and keeps me attached to mine, born in a community that places high importance on family,” he states.

Family and Business: Finding A Balance

Milad Hatami knows that it takes effort and time for all aspects of his life to evolve, as they sum up his entirety and give a clear picture of how good he is as an individual. He doesn’t take this for granted, and he strives to maintain a healthy role in all aspects of his life.

“Having built several companies and managing them has forced me to confront the challenging challenge of juggling work and family life,” Hatami observes.

Milad Hatami has come a long way and learned some important lessons that he incorporates in his company and personal relationships. He share some tips with us.

  • Do not pursue the ‘Right’ Balance of Business-Family.

Ironically, Milad Hatami believes that it may be counterproductive to seek a perfect business-family balance. “It may be enticing, but in achieving a business-family life balance, don’t pursue perfection. Instead, ensure that you are aware of what needs to be performed at any given time and follow through with it.” He stated.

  • Create Limits

According to Milad Hatami, he makes it a point to devote his full attention to his job and to leave all work-related problems at work. When he is at home, it makes him stay focused on his family members.

  • Make Time For Family

Milad Hatami knows that we all have limited time. So, he devotes enough time to his family, no matter how much work there is.

  • Unplug

Milad Hatami is a staunch believer in the power of collaboration and delegation. “By assigning some of my duties, I explore ways to take time off work, and this allows me to recharge and give myself to my company and my family.” He concludes with a satisfying smile.

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