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Saturday, March 2, 2024

How Lorenzo Ruzza became a Notable Luxury Watch Artist

He switched careers to emerge as one of the best luxury watch collectors and retailers in Italy.

Demand for luxury watches has been growing at a significantly higher rate for the past many years. Owning one has become a status symbol for many. The demand for luxury watches has led to the flow of fake watches in the market, which the customers buy without knowing its genuinity. 

Lorenzo exposed this growing menace by popularizing content on his Instagram account, which showed him demolishing these fake luxury watches with a hammer. The videos gained much popularity and became viral in no time. Lorenzo strongly believes that luxury watches are something that one earns once in a lifetime, and they should be original to the core.

Lorenzo was initially not a luxury watch entrepreneur but turned into one due to his passion for luxury timepieces. As a webmaster who used to design websites for clients, his attention was always towards luxury watches that he found enchanting since his childhood. 

He used his skills to market luxury watches through the web, which found takers quickly. After selling about 20 pieces, his confidence levels rose, and he plunged in full time to make a career out of it. In 2017, he established his store in downtown Milan, named ‘Ruzza Orologi – La Bottega del Tempo’, which had the best collection of luxury watches from global brands worldwide. 

Today, Lorenzo sells his vast collection through online mediums like social media and various search engines. People would be surprised to know that his daily sales have clocked to around €100,000 due to his transparent deals and genuine products. Many famous people rely on Lorenzo’s expertise to give them the best returns on their investment.

Lorenzo says, “one thing that sets me and my business apart from others in the market is my love for luxury watches that have pushed me to give my customers only the real and authentic models which are skin-deep original.” That indeed makes him one of the most sought after luxury watch retailers in the world.

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