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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Jose Gaytan Entrepreneur To Watch

Jose Gaytan is a versatile man exploring different levels of skills. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, and agency builder. Gaytan has paved his path towards success by discovering his interest and passion for entrepreneurship and associating with great mentors who helped him reach great success. Today he and his wife, Marlene, are the proud leaders of the fastest growing financial marketing company in the U.S, PHP Agency Inc. Their team TGA The Great Awakening, represents 50% of the company. 

Services offered by TGA Financials/PHP Agency 

The company protects families with various life insurance products and secure people’s retirements with guaranteed products offered by insurance companies. “We offer the best part-time and full-time opportunity in the financial services industry where you can make a high income by getting your life insurance license, getting world-class training, and protecting families with the various services we offer. ” 

Here is what Jose Gaytan believes 

“Don’t expect people to understand your grind when God didn’t give them your vision.”

How did Gaytan make his mark in the industry 

“Joining the 1% income earners and crossing $1M income and building many leaders who also make the same income has identified me as a top builder in the industry. Being a servant leader and making it about others winning. I don’t want to be the King but the Kingmaker. Never take for granted the people you serve daily.”, Gaytan remarked. 

When Gaytan faced challenges 

“You name it, I’ve gone through it.” He says and firmly believes that there is no success without obstacles. You’ll go through many challenges throughout your journey, but the greatest one is the mental obstacles. The right mindset is the key to hold yourself and keep going after your dreams. When you learn to have mental toughness, you will withstand every battle that comes your way on your journey to success. “The books you read, the associations you have, and the mentors you have are crucial to overcoming the obstacles. Without this good luck in business.”, Gaytan stated.

Gaytan’s plans to evolve his company 

The company has the vision to have 500,000 licensed agents by 2029 and dominate the industry. “We will be an international powerhouse and be a household name.” Since 2009, the company has not stopped and will only continue to compound. With a vision of making a significant change in people’s lives, helping millions of people reach their goals and dreams motivates him to keep growing and make history. 

Follow Jose for updates : Instagram @JFGAYTAN

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