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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Know how Dr Chad Deal’s business got impacted due to COVID-19 and how he responded to the same.

The pandemic has changed many things for the business world, but Dr Chad Deal chose to rise even during these trying times with his firm, Southern Surgical Arts.

In a world full of people running behind fast progress and verifications on social media, we are fortunate to come across professionals across industries who believe in slow and steady progress, but the one that stays for long and helps them create their legacy in their respective fields. Dr Chad Deal, an ace cosmetic doctor and surgeon from Chattanooga, has been serving as a great example of a medical professional and surgeon who believes in working at the present and making efforts that can give great dividends in the future. He is a man of great value and principles who has tried to implement these virtues in his work, practice and business and this is the reason why today his firm, Southern Surgical Arts is growing to be one of the finest surgical centers in the US.

Along with developing a strong inclination towards the medical field and the cosmetics industry to be precise, Dr Chad Deal knew he must also develop his entrepreneurial skills to set his foot stronger in the business world with his company and surgical center that is aimed to make the lives of people much better with their safe and comfortable cosmetic treatments and procedures. His commitment to surgical artistry is inspiring other rising surgeons in the field. He has been behind the successful outcomes of more than 4,800 cosmetic surgical procedures.

Speaking about COVID-19 and the impact it has had on his business and the growth of his firm, Dr Chad Deal says that fortunately, “it has been one of the best things that happened.” He points out that the virus is terrible for the world, but when such big changes occur, something major happens. When the pandemic shook the world, many businesses had to shut shops; whereas Dr Chad Deal decided to sail through the rough waters and find ways to grow his business even during such times, showing his resilience and strong mental attitude as a businessman.

He explains that he tried to take every situation and looked for the good and the opportunities hidden behind things. The team at Southern Surgical Arts prepared very hard for the virus and had testing strips early on. They even took temperatures and had sign-ups. During the process, they anticipated how the pandemic would change the world back in March 2020. Dr Chad Deal and his team realized the impact the virus could have on various industries, including theirs and how practicing medicine could also see changes with an uprise in virtual consults.

This was the time he realized that paying attention to social media was equally important for growing the business and making people more aware about health, fitness and beauty through these mediums. Dr Chad Deal is a celebrated cosmetic surgeon who has so far in his career achieved many accolades and awards, some of them include, Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Chattanooga in 2016 and 2017, the Patient’s Choice Award and The Most Compassionate Doctor Award on

To gain more insights about his work, visit the website, or follow him on Instagram @drhidef.ssa

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