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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Raring to reach the top of the digital game as an influencer, content creator and brand strategist is Dianna Hughes, aka Dee

Dianna has turned all her clients into success stories with her unique marketing and branding strategies.

There are a few set of individuals who enter the entrepreneurial world with certain preconceived notions, while many others believe in going with the flow, facing many trials and errors, even failing sometimes and getting up all over again, only to gain those experiences that can help them in building up their brand and them as entrepreneurs. Learning through the process and trying to implement her experiences into her work is one such entrepreneur from Miami, Florida named Dianna Hughes, aka Dee who has disrupted the digital media world for the better and has compelled other entrepreneurs and people from the industry to find for the newness they can bring in their services to serve all their clients. If it weren’t for her passion and a determined mind to excel at her career, Dee wouldn’t have reached the position she enjoys today as a successful brand strategist and entrepreneur across the US.

“When you love something, it shows in the efforts you make, in the projects you handle, in your abilities in dealing with clients, etc. This is what helps you to become the best version of yourself as a high-performing professional and entrepreneur in your field,” says Dianna Hughes, who listened to what her heart sought and today has reached an influential position in her career.

Seeing the boom in the online world, Dianna Hughes had started blogging to share her ideas in her favourite niche of fashion and beauty. Slowly and steadily, people got more attracted to her blog, which helped her turn into an influencer. She decided to start her creative agency, where she could help people and brands to reach their audience more organically and build their name and business stronger by offering services in social media and marketing consultation, content creation, brand building, etc. which allowed her to work on multiple projects from fashion, beauty, wine and spirits.

On asking how she knew when she had the right idea, she said that there are numerous ways to answer this and explained that she focused on the nuts and bolts of the business, researching the market, knowing her competition, and paying attention to new needs and trends and so forth. By focusing on these fundamental aspects, Dee believed she must have a firm grasp on when coming up with the right idea. However, Dianna Hughes also points out that a genius business idea must align with who you are and for that individuals must take a look within as well.

To know more about this talented lady and entrepreneur, follow her on Instagram @followdee.

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