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Alphonso Davies’s mystical goal has packed Canadian soccer fans with a new-trust

Key points: 

  • Nation’s part in the evasive Men’s World Cup abruptly seems feasible. 
  • Alphonso Davies and his Canadian teammates celebrate after his fabulous goal. 
  • The match eventually ended up 4-1 after they win over Panama. 

Alphonso Davies scored a spectacular goal, Canada’s world cup possibility increases: 

There are points in life when your trajectory has changed and you didn’t feel the move, only later you do understand how much that decision, or chance encounter, or kind word really is significant. There are other, infrequent moments when you can sense, even as they are unravelling around you, that something disastrous has occurred. A different future has been made feasible. 

When Alphonso Davies scored that spectacular goal against Panama in Toronto in October, in front of the field packed with numerous fans who were flush with no trust, and then, after a certain 4-1 Canadian victory, with a new trust, it was hard to believe. Source –

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Maybe after all these years of missing close chances, maybe, for the first time ever since 1986, Canada’s men will be able to survive CONCACAF’s battle of sapping to qualify in The World Cup next year in Qatar at the FIFA World Cup. 

Friday night in Edmonton, Canada will reach the middle point of the end stage of its head-turning World Cup qualification drive. The men will play Costa Rica, the only team they so far didn’t play with. 

After the final rounds of the games next March, the top three teams will go to Qatar, fourth position team will still have a possibility after an inter-continental playoff. Currently, Canada ranks third. The Costa Ricans were defeated by the Americans, which was a close loss for the Ricans. 

But The men’s team of Canada are having winning streaks as Alphonso Davies shows his skills, shooting, dribbling, especially his speed and sprint. 

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