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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Hockey Canada unveils trinity of jerseys to be used at Beijing 2022

Key takeaways: 

  • Red, white, black sweaters each highlight Canadian Maple Leaf as the focus of attention.
  • The Maple Leaf is on the jacket of Canada’s current Olympic and Paralympic t-shirts for Beijing 2022.

Canada’s jersey for Olympics and Paralympics: 

Hockey Canada has revealed the three t-shirts that will be used by its men’s, women’s and Paralympic ice hockey sides at Beijing 2022 on Tuesday.

But with only over two months till the Olympics start, it’s still unclear who will be using them.

Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby and Alex Pietrangelo are the alone trio now entitled to the men’s team, as NHLers are ready to retreat to the Games for the initial time since 2014. Twenty-eight women’s skaters have gathered in Calgary for practice ahead of Beijing, but not all will finish to the Olympic team.

Hockey Canada CEO Tom Renney stated he knows the current jerseys — no matter who is wearing them — will be espoused by Canadian supporters.

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“We look forward to wearing these spectacular jerseys on the ice in Beijing, and seeing Canadians all around the world supporting our teams in the Olympic and Paralympic jersey,” he stated. Source –

The jerseys — one red, one white, one black — all highlight the Maple Leaf as the focus of attention.

Canadian Olympic Committee CEO David Shoemaker stated the nation’s hockey jerseys are an “iconic symbol of the Olympic Winter Games.” Source –

“The red, white and black of the jerseys represent Canada’s rich history as the most successful country in Olympic hockey,” he stated. Source –

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