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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Larin scores a brace as Canada tops the World Cup qualifying group

Key takeaways: 

  • Brampton, Ont., native draws extent with De Rosario 22 as highest Canadian men’s football. 
  • Canada striker Cyle Larin celebrates his goals during a 2-1 victory over Mexico at Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium on Tuesday. 

Cyle Larin’s brace, Canada top at the world cup qualifying group: 

When Cyle Larin showed up in Edmonton ahead of Canada’s World cup qualifying games contra Costa Rica and Mexico, he was so sick that he wasn’t able to eat. 

He was just fine enough to come in for 25 second-half minutes in Friday’s victory over Costa Rica. 

Still, on Tuesday night at the Commonwealth Stadium, Larin loved a record-tying night. His brace performance not only drove Canada to a 2-1 victory over Mexico but place the Canadians at the top of their CONCACAF world cup group. 

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As eight remaining teams in CONCACAF, each completed the eight of their 14-match schedules in the Octagon, Canada (4-0-4), a nation that hasn’t been to a world cup since 1986, tops. A point upon the American team. Two points upon the Mexican team and Panama team. The highest three qualify for the 2022 world cup Qatar, while the fourth position team gets a final chance to qualify and go to Qatar. 

Larin states “I’m happy to tie the record and hopefully beat it, but I wouldn’t be able to do it without my teammates.” “The quality of the guys in front and the guys in the back end and we all played a part in it.” Source –

“With big Cyle, he was feeling ill the first few days when we got here,” said coach John Herdman. “He hadn’t eaten for, I think it was two days.” Source –

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