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Monday, December 4, 2023

Moncton enters the current Maritime women’s basketball league

Key takeaways: 

  • The Moncton Mystics will slant off in the Maritime Women’s Basketball Association following season. 
  • The Moncton Mystics will connect the Maritime Women’s Basketball Association, which starts its inaugural season in April of 2022.

Maritime Women’s Basketball League: 

As a basketball athlete at Riverview High School, and then at Mount Allison University, Shannon Parlee racked up several prizes.

Parlee was an All-Conference All-Star in all of her four years at Mount A and Athlete of the time in 2009.

But once university was finished, there was nowhere for the intense basketball professional to turn.

“For myself personally having played four years of university and you leave and that’s like, then what? There’s some rec leagues and that, but to keep having high-level basketball is kind of the idea.” Parlee stated. Source –

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Now, Parlee is expecting to grant a chance for women past the age of 19 to perform amateur basketball.

She’s now the buyer and director of the Moncton Mystics, which will combine the Maritime Women’s Basketball Association for its first season in April of 2022. 

The Mystics will enter the Port City Fog of Saint John, the Fredericton Freeze, the Halifax Thunder, the Halifax Hornets and the Windsor Edge. 

Every team will have 6 home matches and 6 away matches.

Parlee states the plan is to draw women who are presently playing university sports, expert players who are abroad, but a home for the off-season, and retired players.

“There isn’t much like this. You look throughout Canada there isn’t anything.” Parlee states. Source –

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