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Friday, September 29, 2023

Snowfall, great temperatures cleanout Sunday’s Lake Louise super-G

Key takeaways: 

  • 1st of 2 men’s downhill events were also dropped Friday because of too many snows.
  • Sunday’s men’s super-G was called off Sunday in Lake Louise, Alta., because of snow and soaring temperatures. 
  • Unfavourable weather also made the first of two men’s downhill events to be cancelled on Friday at the alone Canadian end on the World Cup circuit. 

High temperature causes Men’s Super-G to be cancelled: 

A three-race World Cup weekend rolled into a one-race weekend in Lake Louise, Alta., with the abandonment of Sunday’s men’s super-G.

Dense, wet snow proceeded to cover the ski hotel in Banff National Park and began preparing a 2.5-kilometre road in time for a noon cause too onerous for volunteer course operators.

Friday’s downhill was also called off because of too abundant snow. Saturday’s downhill, acquired by Austria’s Matthias Mayer, was the beginning of the 2021-22 season.

“It was Mother Nature two, Lake Louise World Cup one this weekend,” race chairman Brian Lynam told Sunday. Source –

Extra 25 centimetres of snow was predicted for the national park by Monday on tip of between 30 and 40 that had gathered up over the three earlier days.

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Snowcats started managing the course at 2 a.m. and course operators were on it at 6 a.m. to take the race on Sunday.

“We’re a speed event,” Lynam told. “It’s just too much snow to move. It wouldn’t matter how many cats we had or volunteers, especially on some of the steep pitches where we have to use winch cables.” Source –

The call-off downhill in Canada was attached to the program for the following World Cup in Beaver Creek, Colo., beginning Friday.

Meantime, the world governing body of skiing spoke of 10 individuals included in the race who originally tested positive for COVID-19, nine were discovered to be fake positives and not affected with the virus after they were put into quarantine and re-tested.

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