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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Under John Herdman, The Canadian men’s team has behoved a victorious band of brothers

Key points: 

  • Canada men’s national football team manager John Herdman speaks with Mark-Anthony of the Canadian’s men team. 
  • John Herdman assumed a men’s team ranked 94th in the world when he took charge from the sacked Octavio Zambrano in Jan 2018. 

John Herdman’s successive men’s soccer team:

The size of the challenge facing him became lucid at his first camp with the men, in March 2018 in Murcia, Spain, when there were two brawls in the training. 

“I was blown away,” Herdman recalled. “And people were saying ‘Oh this is men’s football.’ And I stood against it. I told the guys it’s not men’s football. You can fight with your opponent but you don’t fight internally. I’ll never see that again.” Source –

Herdman states he inherited a flawed team that broke into groups. 

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“I said unless you’re willing to change this, this team’s going nowhere,” he said. “And over time, you’ve seen a shift. The leaders, for me, brought the culture together. Now we can have fractious moments, where people are competing and pushing each other’s levels where it doesn’t end up in a complete split in the environment. Source –

“And I think over time the leadership group have understood the importance of shared purpose. They’ve understood the importance of their own humility in the environment and they’ve understood the importance of connecting every man and making every man feel part of this, regardless of what their race, their religion, their ages.”

Speak to any member of the team these days and they talk of a comradeship. 

“You can have as many great players as you want, but if you don’t have that chemistry, that feeling of a family, it’s difficult to perform on the field, When we go on the field, we know that the guy beside us has our back and that we have his back,” ” said centre back Derek Cornelius.

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