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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Biden states condolences to people hit by B.C. floods

Key takeaways: 

  • Ottawa is challenging a recommended tax incentive that would appeal only to American-made electric wheels.
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with U.S. President Joe Biden to consider several points, including climate change, business and the prospect of the mutual relationship. 

Biden’s condolences to people who suffered from Canada floods: 

United States President Joe Biden announced today that Canada and the U.S. are assembled in their attempts to combat global warming and offered his condolences to Canadians harmed by flooding and landslides in B.C. — disaster authorities have joined to climate change.

Biden delivered the comments at the White House ahead of his respective meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Both heads will meet Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador later today for the first North American Leaders’ Summit in five years.

“I know we are both having our minds close to the families struck by the storms flooding the British Columbia state in the pacific northwest, but one of the things we used time on, on our global program, is climate change,” Biden stated when the brief media presentation with Trudeau. Source –

“We’ve spent a lot of time dealing with climate change and we are on the related page as to the call for us to move on it, and get the rest of the world to move.” Source –

Biden said he was gratified to request Trudeau to Washington, adding he’s been friends with the prime minister for a while.

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“This is one of the simplest relationships you can have as an American president, one of the best,” Biden said. Source –

Trudeau’s short tour to Washington was completed Thursday evening with the North American Leaders Summit, which started soon after 5 p.m. ET at the White House.

Summits among the three nations have been scrutinised in the past for supporting symbolism over substance, but this year’s version comes as Canada offers an offensive push facing one of U.S. President Joe Biden’s sign protectionist strategies.

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