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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Canadian lady released from ISIS internment camp meets with daughter in Canada

Key takeaways: 

  • She does not face charges, but a love relationship inflicts constraints on her actions.
  • Ladies walk with their kids in the al-Roj internment camp.

Canadian women released by ISIS detention camp: 

A Canadian lady who was caught in an ISIS internment camp in northeast Syria has landed back in Canada to rejoin with her five-year-old daughter — who was admitted to leaving ahead of her last spring in the firm of a former U.S. agent.

The lady fled Canada in 2014. She said she never expected to join the Islamic State agitator group as it was attempting to build a caliphate over Syria and Iraq.

The 30-year-old lady was met by RCMP officers upon her return to Canada on Monday. She abdicated herself to them and accepted to sign an undertaking that commands constraints on her actions till the federal government can formally bid a so-called “terrorism” peace bond. That bond trial possible will take place in January. Source –

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Her Ottawa-based attorney, Paul Champ, stated his client was not accused of any crime and he doesn’t expect charges.

“It was a really wonderful reunion,” stated Champ. “Her daughter was giggling and hugging her and really wouldn’t let go.” Source –

“My client has told me that she hasn’t felt this safe in years.” Source –

The previous March, while she was still kept in Syria, the woman chose to turn her daughter above to the custody of late American diplomat Peter Galbraith and her families. The girl has since been staying in Canada with her auntie and other family members.

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