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Saturday, March 2, 2024

China directs 13 million citizens into lockdown as COVID-19 cases spike


Key takeaways: 

  • Restrictive actions arrive weeks ere China hosts Winter Olympics in Beijing.
  • The nation has requested millions of individuals to lockdown there following a rise in coronavirus cases. 

Coronavirus cases spike in China: 

China is redoubling measures to prevent the latest virus outbreaks with a lockdown of the 13 million citizens of the northern city of Xi’an following a rise in coronavirus cases. The action arrives just weeks ere the nation hosts the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

There was no comment on whether the virus was the recently flooding Omicron variant or the far more familiar Delta. China has registered just seven Omicron cases — four in the southern manufacturing centre of Guangzhou, two in the southern city of Changsha and one in the northern port of Tianjin.

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China directs 13 million people into lockdown as covid cases spike

China has also been encountering a significant outbreak in some cities in the eastern region of Zhejiang near Shanghai, although quarantine actions there have been more slightly targeted.’ Source –

Authorities have assumed severe pandemic managing actions under their policy of aiming to drive new transmissions to zero, directing to regular lockdowns, universal masking and mass testing. While the procedure has not been quite thriving while directing to huge upheavals in travel and trade, Beijing credits it with mostly including the spread of the virus.

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