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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Continuation of Amtrak passenger rail facility to Canada detained till 2022

Key takeaways: 

  • Staff restrictions, vaccine needs have detained Amtrak’s return to Canada. 
  • Amtrak has forced off restarting rail facility to Canada until 2022.

Amtrak rail service to start in 2022: 

The restarting of Amtrak’s cross-border passenger rail facility to Canada has been detained till early 2022, a spokesperson for the railway said. 

Amtrak, the US government possessed railway, called off all of its Canadian facilities in March 2020 as covid-19 caused governments on both ends of the border to limit travel to halt the spread of the dangerous virus. 

The Cascades train (which commonly travels through Seattle, Washington and Vancouver), the Maple Leaf (which moves through New York City and Toronto) and the Adirondack, the way that takes passengers from New York to Montreal, haven’t crossed to this end of the border since the health catastrophes started. 

And the railway facility will be offline for Canadian passengers during the next holiday season. A busy travel stage, with American Thanksgiving and Christmas collapsing within the previous six weeks of the year. 

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“We anticipate we’re going to be recovering the current cross-border trains — we’re working with customs and border protection on both sides and with the folks who own the tracks to re-establish that … in 2022,” stated Marc Magliari, the Chicago-based media relations official for the railway. Source –

The US government removed its prohibition on non-essential travel by land the previous week, eventually granting the many Canadians cross-border connections to travel to and from the States by vehicle — as long as they’re completely vaccinated. While the U.S. needs a COVID-19 test before reaching by air, a similar standard does not apply to Canadians with both shots crossing by land.

Even though most of the U.S. land border limitations have been removed for those who are completely vaccinated — air travel has continued in several forms since the onset of COVID-19 — the Amtrak spokesperson stated the picture is more complex for rail.

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