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Friday, December 8, 2023

Sheer efforts from the EU, hundreds of immigrants remain abandoned in Belarusian warehouse


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘We want to make life good for our kids,’ stated one migrant lady.
  • Lava Azad has spent 90 days in Belarus.
  • She and her family, who are from Iraq, handled to shortly travel the border into Poland but were brought back to Belarus by Polish officers.

Immigrants in Belarus still stranded: 

For four days, 23-year-old Lava Azad felt her family was on the border of beginning a fresh life in the European Union. 

After sleeping in the vast Białowieża Forest, which perches Belarus and Poland, for almost a week, she along with her spouse and son managed to travel into Poland.

She states the family from Iraq spent four more nights snoozing in the cold temperatures before Polish police saw them and moved them 12 kilometres back to Belarus. 

Now Azad, along with approximately 1,000 others, is living in a warehouse developed to keep mail and packages. It is found in the town of Bruzgi, just a few hundred metres from the laboriously fortified border that migrants have spent months desperately attempting to travel. 

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Belarus immigrants still stranded in Belarus, EU makes sheer steps

“We want to make life good for our children,” stated Azad to the media that was granted access to the warehouse by Belarusian officers, who have been charged by their EU neighbours of simulating the migrant situation as retaliation for sanctions.  Source –

Makeshift immigrant camp 

In mid-November, about 2,000 migrants were forced into the warehouse facility as temperatures fell and pressures rose at the section of the border between Belarus and Poland.

Since then, hundreds have fled back to Syria and Iraq. Numerous decided to board government-chartered flights, while others were expelled from Belarus.

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