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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Survivors describe the disordered Travis Scott concert as 8 died in Houston

key points: 

  • Astroworld crowd had dashed stage, squeezing individuals so hard they could not respirate. 
  • Travis Scott performed at Houston on Friday. 

8 died at Travis Scott’s concert in Houston:

Investigators on Sunday worked to find out how eight individuals died in a crush of fans at a Houston music event, as concertgoers described the scary and uncertainty of being tricked in the crowd and mourned the dead. 

Officials decided to use videos, witness interviews and a review of concert policies to decipher what went mistaken on Friday night during a performance by rapper Travis Scott. The drama developed when the crowd gushed the stage, squeezing individuals so hard they could not respire.

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Billy Naseer, 24, who had travelled from Indianapolis to be at the concert, said about 15 minutes into Scott’s performance, things went “really crazy” and people began crushing one another. He said he “was picking people up and trying to drag them out.”  Source –

Naseer stated he discovered a concertgoer on the ground. 

“I picked him up. People were stepping on him. People were like stomping, and I picked his head up and I looked at his eyes, and his eyes were just white, rolled back to the back of his head,” he said. 

Over the weekend, a makeshift shrine of flowers, votive candles, sympathy notes and T-shirts, including a Scott tee, took place outside NRG park. 

Michael Suarez, 26, came to the expanding memorial after being at the concert. 

“It’s very devastating. No one wants to see or hear people dying at a festival,” Suarez said. “We were here to have a good time — a great time — and it’s devastating to hear someone lost their lives.” 

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