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Tens of thousands oppose COVID-19 constraints, vaccine needs over Europe

Key takeaways: 

  • Austria to start national lockdown starting Monday to control skyrocketing cases. 
  • Demonstrators yell mottoes and light flashes during a protest against COVID-19 measures in Vienna, Austria. 

Protests against Covid-19 restrictions: 

Tens of thousands of demonstrators, many from far-right groups, walked within Vienna on Saturday after the Austrian government declared a national lockdown start Monday to check the nation’s skyrocketing covid-19 epidemics.

Protests versus virus limitations also took place in Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands on Saturday, a day after Dutch police started shooting on demonstrators and seven people were wounded in rioting that exploded in Rotterdam.

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Demonstrators gathered against coronavirus constraints and necessary COVID-19 passes required in many European nations to access restaurants, Christmas markets or sports competitions, as well as necessary vaccinations.

The Austrian lockdown will start Monday. Originally, it will continue for 10 days, but it could go up to 20 days, officials said. Most of the utmost shops will close and cultural performances will be called off. People will be able to leave their houses just for particular purposes, including purchasing groceries, going to the doctor or exercising.

The government will also make vaccinations compulsory beginning Feb. 1. Not really 66 per cent of Austria’s 8.9 million people are completely vaccinated, and vaccinations have plateaued at one of the cheapest prices in western Europe.

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