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Thousands without heat, water after U.S. tornadoes destroy many

US tornadoes

Key takeaways: 

  • Authorities still adding the destruction from Friday’s hurricanes.
  • A vehicle fibs on its flank in a business mess after a tornado destroyed Mayfield, Ky. 

Thousands suffer after Tornadoes hit US states: 

Citizens of a Kentucky town destroyed by a tornado could be without heat, water and electricity in cold temperatures for a “long time,” the mayor cautioned Monday, as officials worked to repair services after a swarm of twisters demolished neighbourhoods and destroyed dozens of people in five states. Source –

Authorities are still calculating the destruction from Friday’s storms, though they think the demise toll will be more inferior than originally worried since it seemed many more individuals ran a candle factory in Mayfield, Ky. than first thought.

Kentucky was the worst-hit by distance in the set of twisters across some states, special because they came at a time of year when freezing climate generally restricts tornadoes. At least 64 people perished in the state, Gov. Andy Beshear stated Monday, and another 105 were unaccounted for.

There were slightly another 14 deaths in Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri.

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US tornadoes destroy many, devastates several states

“This is a tough morning … but it’s OK. We’re still going to be all right,” Kathy Stewart O’Nan, the mayor of Mayfield, Ky., spoke on CBS Mornings. Source –

But those who stayed met a lower temperature below chilly Monday without any utilities.

“We lost a water tower, so we have no water within the city limits. All the power was cut just for safety reasons after everything fell,” O’Nan informed NBC’s Today show. “And the natural gas has been turned off because of so many leaks. So we have no resources.” Source –

“The resources are gonna take a long time to be restored here,” she added. Source –

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