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Ukrainian flags selling out across Edmonton in a yellow and blue exhibit of help


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘In the 26 years that I’ve owned the store, this has been the most remarkable number of demands, by far.’
  • Phyllis Wright, owner of The Flag Shop in west Edmonton, states her phone hasn’t stopped buzzing since the beginning of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. 

Ukraine flags are in great demand in Edmonton: 

Edmonton stores that vend Ukrainian flags struggle to hold up with requests from individuals looking to support the nation raided by Russia.

At The Flag Shop in west Edmonton, they’re getting in the blue and yellow flags nearly as fast as they’re vending them.

“The calls began as soon as we heard the news that overnight the action had been taken, and it hasn’t stopped buzzing since,” said owner Phyllis Bright.

Bright estimates they’ve vended almost 250 flags in the previous week.

“Unfortunately, battle in the world is good for business. You know, whenever there’s a political occasion, we receive lots of phone calls,” she stated.

“But in the 26 years that I’ve possessed the shop, this has been the most outstanding number of demands, by far.”

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Flag shops getting high demands on Ukraine flags

The stock has seen a broad range of consumers, some from Ukraine, some wanting to help the nation.

“A lot of individuals of Ukrainian heritage look at the flag, and they feel relatively comforted.

¬†They can’t do anything, but they can maintain on to their flag, and it makes a tiny bit more comfortable.” The Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts is undergoing a similar need.

The non-profit association acts as a hub for Edmonton’s Ukrainian neighborhood and sells arts and goods made by Ukrainian artists.

Program assistant Borys Tarasenko said the skills council’s whole stock of flags sold over the weekend.

But on the flip side, that indicates Ukrainian flags can be seen on the car and outside homes all over the city.

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